About Michael


I’m Michael Dollinger and I would appreciate your vote for Monroe County Court. I’m running for Monroe County Court because I have the experience, knowledge and integrity to ensure justice for all of us in Monroe County. 

I served the people of Monroe County for nine years as a prosecutor in the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office.  As a prosecutor, I litigated in Monroe County Court daily. I prosecuted murder cases to successful verdicts, handled felony level drug and gun cases and worked closely with local and federal police agencies on dismantling complex drug dealing enterprises. 

I worked extensively in the Judicial Diversion Court to divert non-violent drug offenders to treatment and rehabilitation programs in lieu of incarceration. 

I took the lead in implementing the “Swift, Certain and Fair” program in the newly established Gun Court part of state Supreme Court.  I helped to identify eligible youth (aged 16-24) for inclusion in intensive probation supervision with the goal of rehabilitation and redirection as opposed to imprisonment.

For the last two years I have served as Principal Law Clerk to Monroe County Court Judge Christopher Ciaccio.  I have seen how decisions made by a County Court Judge impact people’s lives.

I conduct research and draft decisions on civil and criminal appeals, review grand jury minutes for legal sufficiency, draft suppression decisions, review matrimonial judgment rolls and assist Judge Ciaccio with all the other legal and administrative issues that regularly come before judges of the Monroe County Court. 

I appreciate your support of my candidacy for Monroe County Court Judge so that I can continue to serve the people of Monroe County and ensure that justice is done for all!

  • Lifelong Monroe County resident raised in Brighton. 

  • McQuaid Jesuit class of 1997

  • Syracuse University, B.S. 2001

  • Albany Law School, J.D. 2007

  • 9 years as a prosecutor in the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office

  • 2 years as Principal Law Clerk in Monroe County Court

  • Married, 2 sons, lives in Perinton

  • Coach – Fairport Youth Lacrosse